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117. Bastianini S, Lo Martire V, Berteotti C, Silvani A, Ohtsu H, Lin JS, Zoccoli G. High-amplitude theta wave bursts characterizing narcoleptic mice and patients are also produced by histamine deficiency in mice. J Sleep Res in press

116.Kinbara, Masayuki; Bando, Kanan; Shiraishi, Daisuke; Kuroishi, Toshinobu; Nagai, Yasuhiro; Ohtsu, Hiroshi; Takano-Yamamoto, Teruko; Sugawara, Shunji; Endo, Yasuo. Mast cell histamine-mediated transient inflammation following exposure to nickel promotes nickel allergy in mice. Exp Dermatol  accepted

115. Mayumi Saeki, Tomoe Nishimura, Osamu Kaminuma, Hiroshi Ohtsu, Akio Mori and Takachka Hiroi. Crosstalk between Histamine and T cells in Allergic Diseases. Current Immunology Reviews. 2015 in press

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ヒスチジン脱炭酸酵素遺伝子をノックアウトしても マウスの寿命,外見には全く影響がない. が…各臓器におけるヒスタミン濃度受動的全身性アナフィラキシー反応全身性アナフィラキシー反応


■科学分野は領域を超えた学際的な研究に重要なテーマが隠されている.担当教授はその後,工学研究科に移籍してこれまでに研究していた方法論を工学に生かす べく工学研究科におけるテーマの一つとして「金属アレルギー」について研究している.そこで金属アレルギーにおいてヒスタミンの役割を明らかにすることが 次のテーマとなった.金属アレルギーは,体外および体内における金属がイオン化する ことによって,アレルギー反応をおこすことであり,ヒスタミン合成酵素遺伝子のノックアウト・マウスを使ってヒスタミンの役割が明らかになる.とともに, 現在ヒスチジン脱炭酸酵素遺伝子にGFPを繋いだトランスジェニック・マウスも作製中で,ヒスタミンを介したアレルギー性疾患全般の網羅的な解析も目指し ている.また,金属アレルギーを発症する前には金属イオンが体内に溶出することが必要であるが,その際に溶出した微量金属の測定も行っている。








Theme of our research

  Prof Ohtsu has a background as a researcher in medical department in Tohoku University more than 20 years and during this period he produced a gene-knockout mice which produce no histamine in the body. Histamine is important Since the “knockout mice” has no histidine decarboxylase (HDC) gene which is the essential gene for histamine production, the mice has no histamine in the body.  These mice have been used for the experiment in an attempt to clarify “the role of histamine” in the body by comparing the phenotypic difference between wild-type and knockout mice.

The life span and appearance have  no defects in HDC knockout mice but….Histamine concentration in several organspassive systemic anaphylaxissystemic anaphylaxis reaction

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  Important theme tends to be concealed in the interdisciplinary field in science since authentic scientific field has been artificially established in human brain. Prof Ohtsu moved to engineering department and tries to use his background to advantage in engineering department and picked up a theme in “metal allergy.” Naturally then one of his research themes turned to be “the role of histamine in metal allergy.”  “Metal allergy is triggered by metal ion which has been resolved from the metal and act as an antigen after binding with protein in the body. Since metal are used daily in various situation (ornaments, dental metal, artificial joints, stent), it is important to prevent the adverse effect. Applying metal ion to the knockout mice lead to the important observation of the effect of histamine in metal allergy. We are now also producing transgenic mice in which the cells hovering histamine glows fluorescently since the mice has GFP coding sequence instead of HDC gene. These mice could be used in various allergic experiments to clarify the role of histamine-producing cells. We also measure a trace amount of ionized metal in tissue of experimental metal allergic mouse.

metal allergy(allergic reaction to nickel plate) Ni-1 plate

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  We also started other projects. We are involved in helping industries for their creation of new products for wellbeing to the eldery and/or diseased people in Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center. By now we cooperated with the industries in Sendai which create the aiding gadgets to make eldery people to stand up from the wheel chair, special clothes for eldery people, tele-monitoring gadgets for eldery people living far from their relatives, sensing monitor for eldery people in their bed rest.  It is very important for us to innovate our society by creating new products for helping the elderies, disabled, and diseased person. In this purpose we are involved in the role of organizing the field testing of initial gadgets in the hospital and wellbeing centers.

We cooperate on the R&D of  wellbeing and health device, e.g. “assisting device” in this figure.

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  I spent 20 years in Department of Medicine and therefore human health is my never ending interest. Even though we people has very limited life, keeping their health is the important elements to live happily. People use various methods to attain this purpose. One of the purposes of the Engineering Department is to materialize something important for this end. Human keep continuously producing new devices to live happily. I would like to help and work with the people to attain this purpose.


1. 日本褥瘡学会(2015.8.28) 特別講演での発表


  1. ヨーロッパ・ヒスタミン学会で発表
    European Histamine Research Society
  2. 東北大学学際科学国際高等研究センター
    Center for Interdisciplinary Research Tohoku University
  3. アレルギー好酸球研究会
    A workshop on Eosinophils in Allergy and Related Diseases
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